At 100 meters from the Mar del Plata Lighthouse, it is located Honu Beach , a surfer beach by nature, where the first edition of the Surf Film Fest . The event was the cradle of the encounter between different artistic disciplines: music, illustrations and cinema combined with the culinary art of the region.

The sunset fell on the white sand beach and the band Cien1000 Years made the opening. While the sun was going down, the event in the Corona chiringo went up with the music Capitán Riverside, which accompanied the intervention of a table Punky Surfboards by the artist Pasco Pascale, in the space of The Essence Of Design. Further, Martín Varbaro pintando unas reposeras portatiles, muy novedosas, combinando aerosol y marcadores realizando unas flores psicodélicas clásicas de su estilo.

With the night above and the full moon reflected in the sea, it was time to settle into the sand, wrap up with the T.E.O.D. and look at the giant screen.


The Argentine surf champion, Martín Passeri, made the official presentation of Surf Film Fest. After a brief documentary about surfing in Mar del Plata during 1979, he started "Faroes 2: The Outpost". This film is about a group of surfers who travel expedition to remote islands located in the north Atlantic with the sole purpose of finding good waves.


The second film of the event was "The Fisherman's Son", which tells the story of the Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro, his feat with the great wave of Waimea and the struggle for the conservation of his birthplace Punta de Lobos, located in Pichilemu. The last film was "View from a blue moon", where the lifestyle of the Hawaiian surfer John Florence, is reflected, through incredible aerial shots and underwater, showing his favorite places to surf with his friends: Brazil, South Africa and Australia, among others.

The cinema screen went out and the light of the nearest lighthouse was perceived, the night was coming to an end. & nbsp; The Souloop duo closed the event and the raffles of the sponsors' prizes were held, including the intervened surfboard with the design of the Church in flames made by Pasco.


Thanks to: Somatizacion