NASA is a contemporary visual agitator, multitask artist based in Buenos Aires. He works almost 2 decades ago inventing visual universes. The anarchist and the digital intersect in their work. The skate and the beach are in their DNA. He is an active member of the creative community of Buenos Aires and creative director of Agencia Ninch. His work is simple and powerful, the use of black and white is a constant. Light, darkness, chaos and harmony are always present. His work is geometric, abstract and minimalist, is connected with nature and the life force of the universe. NASA moves naturally between the world of art and design, is proactive and provocative. Push for things to happen. Cause and effect, everything is connected. In 2017 TEOD and NASA join forces to shape a capsule collection that captures the essence of their work and personality. The garments are simple, with studied cuts, the designs are derived from his most recent work. The collection is an urban uniform for modern life.